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What is LogSlash?

LogSlash is an intelligent and lossless log processing pipeline that enhances your existing security posture. Repetitive log files are collated into single line summaries that enable faster, cheaper, and more secure SIEM analysis.

  • Lossless log deduplication of 50%+ on average
  • Reclaim your security budget
  • Accelerate your SIEM posture with real-time analysis

  • How LogSlash Works

    LogSlash is built on the Copper engine that can automatically reduce, synthesize, and implement JSON formatted logs before sending to your SIEM environment for analysis.

    Universal Log Support

    LogSlash can ingest any JSON formatted logs directly from your source environment. Just create an AWS account, drop your files in, and they will be automatically slashed and sent to your chosen SIEM provider.

  • Install in minutes
  • Ingests any JSON-formatted logs
  • Reduces log size up to 85%
  • Seamless SIEM Integration

    Integrates directly with your SIEM provider so you don't need to waste time transferring files. Upload once and you are done.

  • Set a custom schedule to slash logs on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly cadence
  • Assign different user access to different IBANs
  • Set rules at the user level
  • Advanced Anomaly Detection

    De-duplication is a lossless process, ensuring 100% capture of anomalous events while greatly reducing log size. Meet your compliance needs with feeding the slashed logs directly into your SIEM while maintaining a full copy for of the logs in Glacier automatically.

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