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What is LogSlash?

LogSlash is an intelligent, lossless log processing pipeline that enhances your existing security posture. LogSlash collates repetitive log files into context-rich, single line summaries that enable faster, cheaper, and more secure SIEM analysis. LogSlash is built on the Copper API, a proprietary engine that automatically reduces, synthesizes, and implements JSON formatted logs into your SIEM environment, all from the cloud.

Lossless Log Deduplication

    LogSlash cuts log volume and size without sacrificing analytical capability by summarizing repetitive information into context-rich, single line summaries, providing your SIEM all of the flavor with none of the calories.

Simplified SIEM Integration

    LogSlash integrates directly with your SIEM provider and does not persist any of your logs. You control your logs; you control your SIEM — LogSlash just translates your logs into a format that your SIEM can process much faster and more efficiently.

Accelerated Security Analytics

    Deduplication is a lossless process, ensuring all context is maintained in your SIEM's ability to query for and/or detect anomalous events while greatly reducing log ingestion volume and size. Maintain your compliance requirements with LogSlash by feeding the slashed logs directly into your SIEM, while maintaining a full, referential copy of the your raw logs in cold storage.

How It Works
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Reduce log noise, cut costs, and increase security with LogSlash: the smarter way to manage your logs

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Avg. Reduction in Log File Size Loss in Analytical Capability Loss per Year on Logging Tools

See LogSlash in Action