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LogSlash sits between your log producers and your SIEM platform. Incoming JSON-formatted logs from those producers are intercepted by LogSlash in batches, inspected by the Copper API for deduplicability, deduplicated if suitable, headers are normalized, and then sent to your SIEM platform.

LogSlash as an intermediary in your security stack is secure: the tool only stores the headers and file sizes of your logs, which cannot be used to reconstruct the bodies of those logs nor identify the source or owner of those logs.

Intelligent Processing & Normalization

The Copper API is an intelligent system that understands the deduplicability of your logs using only those logs' header values. You can configure the API to fine-tune LogSlash's slashing algorithm to align with your company's unique set of logs. When a log is deemed deduplicable, it is collected with other deduplicable logs, compressed, and normalized before being sent to your SIEM.

Intelligent deduplication algorithm reduces log volume by 76% on average
AI normalizes log headers to streamline SIEM analysis
Easily unpack your deduplicated logs to meet your company's compliance requirements
The cwolves dashboard
A screenshot of a SIEM

Cloud or On-Prem Implementation

LogSlash can be conveniently inserted into your company's security stack, whether it exists in the cloud, in your data center, or across both. No matter your company's security setup, we will work with you and your team to deploy a LogSlash solution that fits your needs.

Cloud support for AWS-based pipelines
On-prem support for various data center configurations
Get started in under five minutes

Hassle-Free Security Stack Integration

Our plug-and-play integration model makes it easy for your company to integrate LogSlash into your security stack. Simply point your log sources to LogSlash instead of your SIEM and we'll take care of the rest!

Currently compatibile with Splunk (official partner) and Microsoft Sentinel
Free Splunkbase app available for even easier integration with Splunk
Pricing scales to match your company's log volume while reducing the cost to operate your SIEM
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